The Site
Privileged location in Guadalajara.
Parking space, just a few steps away from your desk.
Conference room
Fully-equipped for conferences or training sessions.
Personalized Services
Dedicated personnel
Our staff is 100% bilingual with professional attitude to serve the guests.
Administrative Services
- Visitor reception
- Mail and courier package
  reception and shipment
- Document copying
- Document printing: Color & B&W
- Document scanning
- Data capturing
- Typing
- Fax Send/Receive
- Refreshments, coffee, cookies, lunch & snacks
- Messenger delivery
- Travel agency (external)
- Concierge services
(Turistic sites, events, schedules, directions, reservations)
Now Office offers coffee service and coffee break.
Telecomunication and message handling
Personalized call answering
Calls and messages taken on your name using cutting-edge phone technology.
Local telephone number
A dedicated phone line for your company.
Mail and Fax Send / Receive
Delivered daily at pre-defined rates.
Message transferring
Messages resent by e-mail, Voice mail or Fax to any address you order. Delivery charges at pre-defined rates.
Voice Mail
Continuous message storage.
E-mail address
Office Now offers individual guest e-mail addresses within its domain.
Aditional phone lines
Additional individual lines can be arranged.
Voice Conference
Party voice conference attendance can be arranged.

Our Staff

Our Staff

Friendly and professional atmosphere

The permanent presence of the center´s Director and the supportive staff will assure you a personalized service.

Our receptionist and secretarial staff is bilingual and trained to serve our guests with class, friendliness and professionalism.


Quickly and easy connectivity

Each Office Suite, Workstation and Conference Room is equipped for the guest to take swift and immediate connectivity with their world.